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It’s about time we shook things up.

Thumb down one stroke on your News app, and you’re guaranteed to see some title on ‘Millenial this’, ‘Millenial that’, ‘3 steps to have a conversation with a millenial’, and a slew of articles on how to approach this new species.

And you know what? I’m done with all of this boohocky.

But, to be honest, when I talk with my friends (who are mostly millenials) about the course of their day, what I always hear (and am myself guilty of the same) is something to the effect of, “I really don’t feel like what I’m doing at work – in corporate life – really matters” and “Is this it? Is the 9-to-5 really it until I decide to hopscotch to the next company after 3 years?” In those moments, I can’t help but think that there is a splinter of truth – at least in sentiment – to some of these aforementioned articles on relating to this wildly new generation; because, if you really think about it, we (millenials) are different. We don’t want what our parents wanted (at least we think). We don’t want the steady, hum-drum 40-year career at the same, paper-pushing desk job. We want to do or be a part of something that ‘matters’, ‘has meaning’, or ‘makes a difference’. Something innovative and virally successful.

But the head-scratcher in all of this is: what does that even look like? What does it look like practically, on a day-by-day basis, to live a life that counts for something unique? Something significant? Something fresh?

The trouble is, if you are a millenial, then there is really nobody to tell you. Our friends are the ones asking the questions and our older folks are the ones trying to figure us out.

Lucky for you and me, there is a deep wealth of skills, knowledge, and truth that is tried and true and transcends generations. That is what we are going to unwrap. I by no means have even a smidget of all the answers, just a few abnormally obsessive interests in a couple of topics that I have found fun for me, and maybe helpful for you.

I’m the type that likes to take life by the horns, and I want you to too. There is a long way to go for us to figure out what it means to ‘adult’ (verb), but the journey is the fun part. If you’re interested, let’s add another spin to some of those millenial headlines:

“WOW: How Millenials are Crushing Investing”……………….”10 Things to Learn from the Millenial”……………”This is What Drives Millenials to Do Something Great”…………….”How Millenials Transformed the Workforce”………………………….”How Millenials Transformed Our Way of Life”

Welcome to Refresh Adulting. Lehhgo.




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