Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Anything

Before you buy, make each purchase prove itself worth of your hard-earned dollars.

Copy and paste these into your notes app on your phone or piece of paper, and pull these out and answer them (to yourself) before you buy ANYTHING:

  • Do I hope others’ views of me will change if I buy this?
  • Does this item fall into the category of shelter, transportation, or food?
  • What skill would I gain/enhance by creating/making this instead?
  • Based on my after-tax hourly pay, how many hours would it take to pay for this? Is it still worth it?
  • At the end of the day, will I wish I had rather spent the time in a more fulfilling way rather than for earning money to pay for this purchase?
  • Does this add to or subtract from my personal ability to innovate and create?
  • Do I believe this item will boost my social standing – professionally, personally, or otherwise?
  • What is the underlying need or want that I am hoping to fill with this purchase?

If you still believe this purchase justified after making it through this question gauntlet, then enjoy it!

If not, then you should be even more excited; because you are moving your way up in the club of good company:

You cannot buy the finer things in life, because the finer things in life aren't things.
Because the finer things in life aren’t things.

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