Save $120 in 2 Minutes

If you’ve already read the life-saving (slightly literally) post on cutting the cord on cable (insert blog post link here), then here’s how you can take that one step further and put some cash back into your pocket (read: index fund).
In the chance that you still pay for internet at home, 95% of us are paying a RIDICULOUS amount of money to rent cheap equipment from our internet service provider.
The “gotcha!” in most of our monthly internet bills is not solely the rate of our plan, but the equipment rental for the Modem/Router (ugly bulky box that you have to plug into the wall and isn’t easily hidden).
Many of us just accept the rental as a necessity of our monthly plan. But, since we are the type of people who like to flex our question everything muscle (insert future blog post link here), we quickly come to see that this use of our income is insanity!
For some quick figures, the typical monthly “equipment rental” for an internet plan is $10. That is obviously $120 every year and – since the Internet isn’t going away anytime soon – $1,200 every decade.
This may not seem like a whole lot if you’re still in the mindset that this is an “it is what it is” scenario (please see blog post here to fix immediately), but to frame it the right way, putting that $10 each month into a solid index fund could ideally yield:
*assuming 10% annual return (VTI growth was 12.83% in 2016) over the course of a decade, not adjusted for inflation
Keep your internet. Own your equipment. And turn your -$1,200 into +$2,000.
Now that the financial gains are obvious, the 2-minute (or less) work part of this is to buy your own modem and router for cheap on Amazon. These are the ones I bought and they work great:
*Links not sponsored
Buy these now and when they arrive, set them up to make sure you’re connected to the interwebs, then return your ISP’s mode.
After you break even in 4 months, watch the savings roll in!

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