Socialism: the glass slipper should fit, eventually

Socialism: the Step-Sister's Approach to Insisting the Shoe Fits

Insanity: repeating the same action(s) over and over while always expecting different outcomes.

We as humans all agree we are prone to – consciously and sometimes sub-consciously – doing something the same way but expecting a different outcome. Yet, while we all agree this is erroneous thinking, the exception to this tendency in the arc of human history is the glass-slipper-wielding savior, Socialism.

I start the discussion of the fallacious ideology of Socialism here because, whether explicitly or implicitly, the common retort you will hear today from many of its proponents as to why the social organization has ALWAYS failed in times past (and, most importantly, been the impetus of the slaughter of incalculable individual human lives) is that it simply “has never been implemented correctly”.

Think about that one.

If someone planted corn and was confused why watermelon didn’t grow, insisting the laws and science of agriculture was just a social construct, we’d count him a lunatic.

Yet, when disillusioned minds insist the laws and science of human nature are just social constructs and Socialism will inevitably arise out of the soil of Capitalism, people are eager to put on their blinders and hope that “it will work next time.”

We will dive into the deep and murky well of the ancient itch of Socialism: starting at the surface with clarifying the definition, then leveling deeper into the science, and then the heart of the depths of its morality.

Enjoy the ride – it’s a bumpy ascent to cruising altitude, but once above the opaque clouds of anti-truth and anti-reason, the horizon of our understanding will be a beautifully clear journey forward.

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